List of Top Lasik Eye Surgeons in US

There seem to be numerous best Lasik eye surgeons in the USA to consider when looking for
somebody to assist you with laser treatment.
These doctors may be from a wide range of places, but they are all remarkably similar.
You can search the internet for the 'best Lasik surgeons near me' services, and more people
across the nation will surely advise you than many other therapists in this field.
Coleman Kraff – Chicago
Kraff is the founder of the Kraff Eye Institute in Chicago. Kraff uses the most advanced lasers all
the while performing focused yet soothing and comforting tests to determine how specific
patients will be treated. The laser components Kraff uses medical assistance to fix a patient's
eyes within just 10 minutes in total, which is significant support of his work.
Dr. Roy Chuck – New York City
Dr. Chuck performs the best Lasik eye surgery in NYC. He began teaching learners as a
lecturer at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and working as a Lasik care specialist in the
United States. He is an ophthalmologist and geneticist expert on stem cells and corneal
transplantation. He is also an expert in laser technology, with several patents on the subject.
Paul C. Lee – Los Angeles
Paul has established himself as among the best Lasik surgeons in Los Angeles. Lee's work will
assist in responding to anyone's doubts about how a major surgery will work. He is a highly
regarded ICL doctor who performs the SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) process.
This is indeed a new procedure comparable to Lasik that works well and shapes the lens with a
smaller cut.
Andrew E. Holzman- Washington Dc
Andrew is a member of the American Board of Ophthalmology. Holzman must have executed
over 55,000 LASIK practices and been designated a VISX “Star Surgeon” for his work as an
index of refraction surgeon, putting him mostly in the best 5% of refractive doctors in the

Adina Gould – Miami
Because of her rigorous dedication, Gould is now a well-known figure in the field of Laser
treatment. Her Miami Beach practice offers not only Lasik procedures and yet also ALK, AK,
PRK, and PTK procedures. Every year, many people visit her Miami branch for assistance with
their own laser surgery needs.
Paul Frascella- Lexington
Paul has almost twenty years of expertise as a board-certified ophthalmologist. He has almost
5,000 electromagnetic refractive surgery methods, emphasizing delivering customized outcomes.
Dr. Frascella is a recently departed LASIK patient passionate about the procedure's entire life
advantages. He and his group enjoy converting their patients' existences and offering exceptional
services in a relaxed environment.
Abraham Shammas- Beverly Hills
Abraham is a very well-known eye surgeon in the Inland Empire who specializes in LASIK eye
treatment and many other cataract surgery practices. First, Dr. Shammas examines each Ontario
and Riverside LASIK patient thoroughly. Then, he offers customized LASIK, an innovative
technique that enables today's index of refraction doctors to completely correct the fewest
irregularities in the eye's curves.
Dr. Ella Faktorovich- California
Faktorovich is the director of the widely respected Pacific Vision Institute in California because
she has comprehensive competency, which thus puts her among the best LASIK Laser refractive
and cataract surgeons in the United States. He is the best Lasik surgeon in California and
performs best as a refractive and cataract surgeon in the United States
Brian S. Boxer Wachler- Los Angeles
Wachler is an eye doctor who dedicated his professional life to eye surgery. He uses the latest
optical techniques to rectify delicate optical abnormalities in the cornea, which maximizes
accuracy, accompanied by rapid upliftment optimizing long-term effects in his Fortified LASIK,
which he invented.

These are excellent options to consider while searching for the 'best Lasik laser surgery near
me' feedback in the United States from where you can stand to gain.
No matter who you consult for assistance, you could very well find it simple to discover
somebody who can guide you with most of your eyesight needs to provide you with an entire life
of better vision.

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