Are You a Right Candidate For LASIK Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery is the best and most commonly used treatment procedure to treat human
vision disorders. While the process is simple and fast, there are some requirements to get
LASIK surgery done.‭‬ Let's check out the requirements now.
Criteria of LASIK Surgery
Many major factors affect the end results of a vision correction surgery. If you want to
undergo LASIK surgery, you need to meet these criteria mentioned below:
1. Candidate should be over 18 years old
The right candidate for LASIK surgery should be at least should be over 18 years old. This
is because once we hit puberty, there are a lot of changes in our body in terms of hormones,
which can affect the vision of your eye.
2. You should have a prescription from a doctor

You cannot undergo vision correction surgery if you are over 18 years; that's just one of the
basic requirements of the process. You should have a neat and steady prescription for at least
two years before getting the surgery.

3. You should be in good health

Your overall health will have a massive impact on the surgery. For example, if you have
auto-immune diseases or diabetes, you cannot have vision correction surgery. Likewise,‭‬ it
will be difficult to operate if you have any cataracts.

4. You should not have dry eyes

While recovering from LASIK surgery, you will face extremely dry eyes; sometimes, this is
because of ‭‬the heat and radiation from the‭‬ laser‭‬ beam.‭‬ But if you already have
a pre-existing condition of dry eyes, you will have difficulty healing post-surgery.

5. You should not be pregnant

Candidates undergoing LASIK surgery should not be nursing moms or pregnant women. This
is because hormones play a major role in body coordination and can affect your prescription's
stability. So you cannot have vision correction if you are pregnant.

6. Injuries to the eye

The surgeon will find it hard to operate for candidates who have had an accident that caused
any injury to their eye. If you have any eye scarring or infection, you are not a good pick for
the LASIK surgery candidate.

7. Thickness of Cornea

Some other factors will affect vision correction surgery. If you have a thick cornea layer in
your eye, the thick cornea makes it hard to operate. The surgeon will have to be very careful
during the surgery process.
8. Pupil size and dilation

Patients with normally big-sized pupils face issues after the surgery. The pupils dilate hugely
when in low light, causing glare and halos. If the dilation is more, you might also face
contrast issues after the surgery. However, this risk is highly low with the modern LASIK

Final Thought
You must qualify for the screening tests before getting in line for the LASIK surgery. The
time and quality of health will positively affect the healing process post-surgery.

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