LASIK: Is It Worth The Risk?

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses (LASIK) eye surgery is the most commonly performed
procedure for improving people's vision. Most people are satisfied with the results, whereas
some are not and require glasses for proper night vision.
Does LASIK Eye Surgery Give Proper Results?
LASIK eye surgery results depend entirely on your eye refractive power and other factors
like age and health complications. People with Myopia tend to achieve proper results, and
those patients' success rate is quite high. Whereas the other patients have less predictive
Benefits of LASIK
LASIK gave many people proper sight after the surgery. The FDA approves this process,
which has been in practice for the past twenty years. Let us check the benefits of the process:
● Better Vision
The huge benefit of undergoing LASIK vision correction surgery is you will have better
vision in no time. Many people no longer needed to use contact lenses and glasses and gained
their vision back in full range.
● Easy Maintenance
LASIK needs less attention and maintenance after the procedure. Many patients are happy
that they do not need to struggle to handle and clean their contact lenses. They can reduce
investing money in changing lenses once every three months.
● Quick Results
You do not have to wait for long after the surgery. You can see visible results in just two days
after the surgery is done. The surgery process is quite simple and gets finished in 20 minutes.
Many people got positive results within two hours of the surgery.

Despite many procedures giving a speedy recovery and pleasing sight of vision, there are
some side effects of the process and risks. Many of them are temporary and clear up within a
month post-surgery. While the others are long-term, which may last for years, and some are
● Permanent Side Effects
These are rare but seen in one in a hundred cases. Some people have double vision at night,
and the glare of the lights is the most common side effect. People with these effects use
lenses or glasses after the surgery, which are less powered than the ones they used before.
● Vision Loss

Vision loss is usually the most rarely seen risk post-surgery. These could be because of poor
care right after the surgery or any hidden and undiagnosed internal infections. The infection
forms a layer on the operated region and blinds the eye sometimes, whereas in other cases,
not using eye protection after the surgery. In addition, dust and small particles can cause eye
scarring, leading to vision loss.
Final thought
LASIK eye surgery has positive results for many people with good health, but many health
conditions affect the results of the process. People with such conditions should follow a
proper LASIK surgery guide. Talk to the doctor and tell them about your complete health
condition so it will be easy for them to treat you the right way.

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