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List of Top Lasik Surgeons (Or Hospitals/Clinics) in Mumbai

LASIK is a prevalent form of vision correction in the U.S. In past years, healthcare facilities in
India have begun to offer the best Lasik eye surgery in Mumbai. Lasik procedure is not only
widespread in Mumbai, however, but numerous professionals are also experts in this area. Lasik
operations are a variety of laser eye surgery that can help you clear your eyesight. It is an
example of surgical treatment for eyesight.
Have A Glance At The List of Top Lasik Surgeons In Mumbai
Dr. Shraddha Goel
Dr. Shraddha Goel is the best doctor for laser eye surgery in Mumbai in Vision correction in
Mumbai. She is an ophthalmologist who specializes in Laser treatment. Doctor Shraddha Goel
works at Arohi Eye Hospital. The health center is in Mumbai's Andheri West neighborhood. Dr.
Goel is yet another doctor in Mumbai, with 15 + years of experience in the healthcare profession.
She charges a counseling fee of Rs. 700/-. She is easily accessible at Arohi Eye Hospital during
the week. Patients can come to the hospital just before the day's initial consultation.
The Laser Vision Center
Laser Vision Center has been one of Mumbai's most prestigious eye treatment facilities. It is the
first health center to offer bladeless laser surgery in Mumbai. The Clinic has made use of
cutting-edge technology in the field.
This Clinic provides pre-LASIK surgical procedures, counseling sessions, and treatment. This
Clinic does have some of the highest quality doctors in Mumbai for laser treatments. Aside from
Lasik surgeries, the Clinic offers cataracts as well as other procedures.
Gulmohur Eye Clinic
The Gulmohar Eye Clinic, currently based in Mumbai's Kandivali area, seems to be another best
Lasik surgery in India with excellent doctors. This Clinic offers Lasik Surgical procedures to

patients. On work days, the Clinic is open from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., then again from 3 p.m. to 8
p.m. On weekends, the hospital remains closed.
The Clinic's minimal level consultation fee is Rs. 700/-. Fees may change accordingly. Except
for Lasik surgery, the Clinic offers 20 other eye-related health treatments.
Kenia Eye Hospital
When choosing the beneficial Lasik Treatment in India, Mumbai is the major center with many
trained specialists. Kenia Eye Hospital is one such facility. This health center is India's first
cheapest laser eye surgery in Mumbai to provide patients with pre-Lasik-specific diagnostic
equipment. Not just that, but Kenia also has an Outpatient department Scan. In this scenario,
patients can only be admitted to the hospital in the OPD using pre-Lasik-specific diagnostic
The Clinic's director is Dr. Vaishal Kenia. He was fined almost Rs. 19,000/- including both eyes'
Lasik surgery. In addition to Dr. Kenia, Dr. Mehta is present in the Clinic. He is indeed a top eye
doctor in the city. The health center is in Mumbai's Santacruz neighborhood.
JJ Hospital
Lasik treatment is performed regularly by the health practitioners at JJ Hospital. It's a multi-
specialty location near Mumbai Central. The JJ hospital's Lasik surgery has previously been
decided to upgrade with cutting-edge innovation. Every day, it assists countless patients in
achieving a positive picture across Laser and Lasik surgery.
Patients can seek medical attention by consulting with skilled eye professionals about their
eyesight problems. This hospital has over 30 branches in addition to the retinal department.
The Lasik methodology is pain-free and expected to be accomplished under pertinent anesthesia.
Patients can enter and exit the operating room in less than twenty minutes. Most of the haziness
disappears the day after surgical treatment, and the clearness eventually over the next few

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