LASIK Fear, Overcoming the LASIK Risks

LASIK eye surgery is a life-changing experience for many people. However, most are
scared to undergo LASIK surgery, while many do not regret getting one.
In fact, LASIK fear is one of the biggest reasons many people back off using lasers on their
eyes. In reality, the process is painless, and the results are overwhelming; read on to
overcome your fears on LASIK:
1. LASIK is safe and effective
More than 700,000 patients get vision correction surgery by laser every year, where 99% of
the people have 20/20 vision, and the others have 20/15 vision after the surgery.
2. The procedure is comfortable and quick
LASIK eye surgery only needs 15 minutes to complete the whole process. Many patients say
it is painless and get good vision within 2 hours post-surgery. In addition, many find it an
extremely comforting process.
3. Doctors and Celebrities get LASIK surgery too!
LASIK is one of the best procedures for correcting vision that doctors highly trust. Many
doctors had undergone laser vision correction surgery, and many celebrities trusted laser
vision correction too.
4. LASIK risks and complications are very rare
Complications are infrequent in LASIK eye surgery. Therefore, LASIK risks are highly low
until you follow the suggested post-surgery care for a good and speedy recovery.
Does it hurt?

Usually, it is painless as you will be given anesthesia to suppress the pain. However, it will be
painful if you get nervous and try to pressure your eyes. As the process is fast, you will not
feel anything even after the anesthesia wears off. If you still feel the pain, you will be given
numbing drops.

Can LASIK make you go blind?

Every surgery has its own risks and complications. But in the case of LASIK, the risks are
completely low, and you could not possibly go blind by the procedure. The FDA legalized
this process in 1999 and practiced it for over two decades. Many people experience dry eyes
after the surgery; this is not a permanent side effect. It will be cured within 15 days post-
surgery. Another side effect is glaring vision, which will be cured within a few months after
the surgery.

Does the laser burn your eyes?

The laser used in LASIK is a cold laser with minimum light intensity. The beam is clearly
focused on the eye area that needs to be corrected. Only the tissue in the marked place is
removed by burning or bending. You will not feel any pain because the size of the tissue
removed is very small, and you might smell the charred smell sometimes, which you should
not be worried about.

Final Thought

LASIK is an FDA-approved procedure used to treat vision disorders. So if you wish for
freedom and colorful life, consider LASIK. There is nothing to be afraid of; the process is
simple, and the results are epic. You can finally be free from the glasses and contact lenses.

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