How LASIK Eye Surgery Helps You to Fix Your Vision

There are many ways to perform eye surgery for vision correction. However, LASIK eye
surgery is the most frequently performed procedure. The process is focused on the retina of
the eye. The commonly treated conditions are mentioned below:
1. Nearsightedness or myopia is an eye condition in which you can see objects near you
clearly, but far objects look blurry. This happens when the cornea gets curved too
sharply by making the rays of light focus in front of the retina. In this condition, you
can see near objects clearly while the far objects look gloomy and blurred.
2. Farsightedness or hyperopia is an eye condition where you can see distinct objects
clearly, but not the objects nearby. This happens when the cornea is flat, or you have a
small eyeball. Light rays meet behind the retina, creating a blurry false image.
3. Astigmatism is an eye condition where the cornea gets completely curved or flattened.
This causes blurry vision completely.
How is LASIK Surgery Done?
The entire procedure will take about 20 minutes. This is how it is performed:
1. The patient will be done with the basic check-ups and then will be asked to lie back in
a chair, where the doctor injects the prescribed amount of anesthesia into the patient.
This makes the areas around the eyes of the patient go numb.
2. After numbing the area, the doctor will use an instrument that holds up the eyelids,
and a suction ring will be placed on the eyeball.
3. This makes a small slit in the cornea layer; your vision will be blurred, and you might
feel little pressure.
4. The surgeon uses a laser beam through the slit previously made and reaches the point
of the cornea that needs to be reshaped.
5. Each section of the laser beam will get hold of a tiny bit of the corneal tissue and
remove it by burning it. You can smell the burns sometimes. If your other eye needs
to be operated on, they patch this up and move to the next one.

Post Surgery

1. Immediately after getting the LASIK surgery, there will be irritation in your eyes, and
you might feel little pain for a few hours. After that, your vision will be blurred.

2. You will get pain relief drops after the surgery, so this cools down the heat and pain,
making you comfortable for some time. Do not try to expose your eye to harsh lights
right after the surgery.
3. After two to three hours, your vision will be almost clear, and there might be a little
blurriness‭‬ while switching places.
4. All these will get normal within 15 days after the surgery. You will be requested to
wear an eye ‭‬‭‬mask while sleeping.
5. You will need to visit the doctor at least six months post-surgery. You might have
multiple appointments every month. If you experience any dryness in the eyes, you
will be given a cooling gel that retains the moisture in the eyeballs.
6. You will be advised not to do any heavy sports like swimming, racing, etc., you have
to wear sunglasses under the bright sun for six months, and you need to get good
sleep every day.
LASIK surgery is the best, easy and fastest way to correct your vision. Although it might
have minimal side effects in some undiagnosed health conditions, the success rate is quite
high. In addition, with clean post-surgery care, you will definitely have clear vision back.

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