Five Must-Ask Questions for Your LASIK Surgeon

Many of us often forget the most important task we need to finish before getting LASIK
surgery. Yeah, literally many of us forget to ask questions about how the process is gonna
be. You need to talk to your LASIK surgeon before the surgery to know all the key steps of
the process, including the side effects and the success rate.
You need to stop your fear and anxiety about the process because it will make your process
tough. We have put together the list of five must-ask questions for your LASIK surgeon

Is LASIK Safe?
LASIK eye surgery is the popular procedure performed to correct vision disorders today. It is
an FDA-approved procedure that has been in practice since 1996, and nearly 12,00,000
people get a vision correction surgery yearly, according to the FDA. So the perfect way to get
the best LASIK surgery is to get it done with an FDA-approved hospital. However, because
many scamsters are marketing it for low prices, please do not fall for it!

What Type of Technology Do They Use?
There are numerous laser techniques used in treating a vision disorder. Some require blades,
while some are just done with lasers only. It would help if you had a basic picture of what
you will have today because different procedures have different post-surgery effects.
Experience of the Surgeon and Client Reviews

This is one potential question you must confirm before getting the surgery done. Ask for the
surgeon's experience and talk to some patients to know more about the care and treatment.
Experience means asking for the training and the number of successful LASIK surgeries the
physician has done before. Ask for board certification because this determines the seriousness
of the doctor; you can easily know if they are really skilled or just doing it for money.
Check If You Are a Good Pick for the surgery

Several factors will determine if you are a good candidate for vision correction surgery: age,
health, prescription, and external factors. If you have any long-term infections near the eyes
or anywhere in the body, you may not be a good pick for the surgery. You should at least use

your prescriptions 10 months before the surgery so your eye gets accustomed to the
Take all the screening tests needed for the process; they reveal many hidden symptoms of the
starting stage of the disease. Never skip this process; it is for the better good.

How will LASIK improve your Vision?
LASIK gives you the freedom to enjoy the beautiful colors of nature. You do not have to
carry all your lens kits everywhere—no more blurring or bullies.
You can enjoy sports activities, road trips, and treks without backing up. With a good LASIK
eye surgeon, your dream of a colorful life will be true.
If you are considering Lasik as the solution to correct your vision disorders, then you need to
know all about the process. Never forget these above-mentioned questions for the best Lasik
surgery experience.

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