Is Lasik Safe? Who should Choose Lasik Eye Surgery?

Lasik technologies have seen numerous advantages and disadvantages and upgrades over the
decades. Presently, most of the population has outstanding results from the Lasik technique. In
addition, laser treatment for the eyes has a very significant impact on human health.
However, as with every other surgical procedure, post-operative side reactions may occur. As a
result, before experiencing Lasik, discussing all of the consequences, Lasik eye surgery cost in
India, and health risks with your physician is critical. Most of these can be specific to each
individual, centered on their pre-existing retinal portfolio.
Overall Procedure Of LASIK Surgery
So, perhaps the most important step would be to get a comprehensive pre-assessment process to
comprehend the types of laser eye surgery and the specific attributes of your eyes.
Aside from body specifications, eye characteristics are also significant. Doctors perform various
tests, including corneal texture, corneal slope, dry eye evaluations, muscle control balance, and
retina and nerve checks.
This thorough pre-Lasik surgery meaning enables us to understand candidates for whom Lasik
surgery should be avoided due to higher systemic side impacts and consequences. Second, the
eye parameters allow us to adapt the category of Laser treatment to the patient's eye.

Procedure Followed Before The LASIK Surgery
Before actually performing LASIK, your eye specialist will continuously monitor your cornea
and evaluate its physical wellbeing. In addition, you may be asked to take a topical anesthetic
just before the process.
After which, he or she will correctly modify the curves of your cornea using a special form of
trimming laser. A tiny quantity of epithelium is stripped away with each light beam, allowing
your eye doctor to straighten or tighten up the bend of your cornea.
Is LASIK Treatment Actually Safe

Every surgery involves a certain amount of health problems and adverse reactions, but LASIK is
widely regarded as a simple process with a limited risk of progression. You can watch some
Lasik eye surgery videos for further assistance. This surgery is not the sole cause of visual
impairment. Every year, contact lenses affect more situations of eye swelling.
Laser Eye Surgery Side Effects
● Dry eyelashes
● Double sight
● Regression
● Haloes
● Glare
● Changes in Vision
● Itchy and achy eyes

Factors You Must Keep In Mind Prior To Going For A Lasik Treatment
 Minimum Age Criteria
There seems to be no age requirement for LASIK; however, after the age of 40, prescription
spectacles could be needed due to a typical age known medically as Presbyopia. In addition,
numerous Lasik eye surgery reviews and eye and body health specifications must also be
considered when planning a LASIK just after age of 40 to minimize the possibility of
complications after or during a surgical procedure.
 Eye Strength
Even so, whether there are variances in eye power, there is a chance that some chronic eye power
will occur for a while after the LASIK procedure. As a result, it is necessary to ensure that the
eye strength has been steady over the last 1-2 years before considering LASIK surgery.
 Body Wellness
Before LASIK treatment, any illnesses or intolerances in and around the eyelids should be
considered. Our bodies must be clean and strong of chronic conditions such as diabetes and auto-
immune ailments for the correct recovery process and actual outcomes to occur.

Lasik surgery recovery might be a highly effective method of rectifying specified eyesight
issues, but it is not for everybody. Therefore, people considering LASIK surgical procedure
should be fully conscious of the requirements that qualify them for this procedure.

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