Celebrities Who Have Had LASIK

Many people lose their ability of proper vision and sight at younger ages nowadays because
of work stress and unhealthy life habits. These also include celebrities who got LASIK
surgery, too.
List of Celebrities who got lasik are:
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian underwent LASIK surgery in 2014 while filming her show Keeping up with
Kardashians. She suffered from vision issues from a young age and documented the
whole‭‬ process of the surgery.
Nicole Kidman
After many fault vision insults by people and the paparazzi, Nicole Kidman underwent
LASIK surgery in 2007 and, two weeks later diagnosed with nearsightedness. Now she is no
longer afraid of gloomy and dizzy vision.
Brad Pitt
To be honest, we have seen Brad Pitt in many frames and glasses over the past two decades.
This actor had his vision correction surgery in late 2010. However, Brad Pitt never lost the
charm of his frames and still wears some.
Drew Carey
The American game show host Drew Carey had his LASIK surgery in 2001, which allowed
him to do activities like scuba diving after the surgery. He opened up a show that the process
is painless, and now he can do things he could not do because of his dull vision.
John Goodman
After serving his fans for ages as a comedian, John Goodman realizes he needs to get laser
eye surgery to continue entertaining his fans. So he had his Lasik surgery for the big
Lebowski in 1998.
Kylie Jenner
Social media model Kylie Jenner also had vision correction surgery. The process was also
documented as Kim's, and many say most of the Jenners had their vision correction surgeries.
Rumors say Kendall Jenner and Chris also got LASIK eye surgery.

Taylor Swift
The singer of Blank Space, Taylor Swift, had her vision correction surgery in 2019. She
opened up on this process on The Tonight Show and said she was excited to see all the
beautiful bright colors post-surgery.
Elton John
Elton John is known for his funky, eye-catching attire and beautiful eyeglasses collection.
John had his LASIK surgery in 2003, where he could not give up on his glasses. This singer
wore fake glasses and only frames for his tours and performances in the later years.

Bonnie Tyler
The star of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” had struggled with presbyopia and farsightedness.
Finally, her LASIK eye surgery gifted her clear vision. She is now enjoying her life and loves
what she sees.
Cindy Crawford
Actress and model Cindy Crawford had her laser eye surgery in 2017. She added it was hard
to see anything, and she was nervous about the process. Then after the surgery, she could
clearly see the alarm clock in the middle of the night.

LeBron James
Basketball player LeBron James showed incredible increases in his gameplay and abilities at
a match in 2007. The star later added he had recently undergone LASIK eye surgery, which
made his vision clear.

Lisa Ling

The American reporter and journalist Lisa Ling had her vision correction surgery on a show.
She said wearing and maintaining contact lenses was hard as her work is mostly on the roads.
However, she is now happy to travel around to cover up the news easily.

Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox had seriously bad vision in 1999, which made it impossible to read scripts. As
a result, she could not identify her co-stars and friends, which changed her work quality and
professional life. However, she is back with her charm post-surgery now.

LASIK vision correction surgery is painless and has the maximum positive results, as you
can see the famous people with LASIK surgery. So instead of getting afraid of the process,
consult a doctor and enjoy the colors of life.

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